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Valken Graffitti Paintballs 2000 Rounds

by Valken
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Graffiti is a top-shelf paintball. It has great marking attributes, superior accuracy, and reliably breaks on-target. These superior characteristics have made Graffiti the world's most popular paintball. It is at home in both the woods or on the speedball field.

Made of 100% PEG, safer for the environment than oil-based paintballs.

  • Striped , distinct shell. 
  • Preferred paintball of Magfed games and large scenarios such as Castle Conquest, D-Day, Fulda Gap and more. 
  • Formulated to have a bright marking fill with no staining or mess. 
  • Industry leading flight path and consistency! 
  • Cardboard Dividers and Square box for assured quality on delivery and in show room 
  • Litho, graphic box.