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Tippmann Tactical .25g Eco Airsoft BB's - 4,000 Rounds - White (65531)

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The Tippmann Precision Match Grade ECO-friendly Airsoft BBs comes in a large bag that's resealable.  A large bag of 6mm airsoft BBs. Available in .20g, .25g, .28g, .30g, .32g, and .36g weights.  Bulk bag of BBs of various counts.  For use in all airsoft guns - AEGs, gas guns, etc. Recommended for all guns.   BBs are "eco-friendly" out of a PLA mix of non-toxic and non-synthetic materials.

Precision made and highly polished for use in upgraded guns, barrels, etc. See drop-down options for weights and availability.

Disclaimer:  "Bio" airsoft BBs are eco-friendly, compostable, and may biodegrade in the environment.  They contain organic and non-organic (usually metal oxide) materials that are non-toxic. Degradation claims are available directly from the manufacturers for products we stock. Airsoft Atlanta does not make any certification or degradation claims on any "bio" products.