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Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Paintball Gun - Black

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The Tippmann Stormer line of paintball guns from Tippmann are the perfect entry level paintball guns. The Stormer is designed to be simple and easy to use, perfect for the beginner paintball player.

Tippmann markers are some of the most reliable paintball guns in the game and the Stormer is no exception. All the Stormers use internals that are found in the Tippmann Cronus and Tippmann 98 paintball guns. The Cronus and 98 have been out for years or decades in the case of the 98, and have been shown to be two of the most reliable and fun paintball guns. Tippmann's are the best paintball guns for any player to start out in paintball they are inexpensive, reliable, simple and cool looking!

What makes the Stormer Elite Dual Fed awesome is that it is dual fed! That means you can either use a traditional 200 round hopper on the top like the other Stormers or you can use magazines like the Tippmann TMC. You can only use a hopper or magazines and not both at the same time. It's super quick and easy to change back and forth though and only takes seconds.

  • Font and rear flip up sights
  • 6 Position Collapsible Stock
  • Dummy Magazine
  • Two 20rd magazines
  • High-impact Nylon body
  • Internal Air Lines - No external hose or tubes
  • Picatinny rails - Attach scopes, flashlights or laser sights
  • Vertical foregrip
  • Single Trigger
  • Front and rear sights
  • Off-set feed port - Improves sighting