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by GOG
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The Freak Insert – Heart of a Freak

The Freak Insert is at the literal core of the Freak barrel system.  Paintballs can change size from thousands of variables; temperature, humidity, elevation, storage conditions and manufacturers to name a few. The interchangeable bore system allows players to adapt to whatever paintball throws at them. GOG offers these inserts in both aluminum and stainless steel both with outstanding internal honing.

Stainless Steel Inserts – Tough as nails, smooth as glass

The stainless steel Freak Insert is the toughest interchangeable bore available for paintball. Each insert has a honed and polished internal bore. High grade stainless steel resists corrosion and scratches no matter where you play.  Stainless inserts are available in the following bore sizes: .675 / .677 / .679 / .682 / .684 / .687 / .689 / .691 / .693

Makes every marker more efficient

The Freak System allows you to get more shots from every fill-up, no matter what marker you shoot. By bore-matching your paintballs, you waste less air propelling them down your barrel. This means you can turn your regulator pressure down, or your velocity screw out making your marker softer on paint and easier on air.

In the first example, shows a ball that is too big for the bore chosen. This means that your marker has to use more air to push it down the barrel. This also can cause broken paint due to the extra friction. In the second example, we can see that the bore is too big for the paintball, and air is wasted blowing by the ball itself. In the last example we can see that the ball fits perfectly, with just the slightest gap around it to minimize friction and maximize efficiency.