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Planet Eclipse PAL Paintball Loader System

The Planet Eclipse PAL Loader works with both .50 Caliber and .68 Caliber paintballs and is available in two sizes. The PAL is compatible with any paintball gun but for pneumatic actuation, the PAL must be used with a gun that is PAL optimised.

The PAL is available in Hi-Cap and Lo-Cap versions. The Hi-Cap PAL holds 225 .68 Caliber Paintballs or 550 .50 Caliber Paintballs. The Lo-Cap PAL holds 100 .68 Caliber Paintballs or 225 .50 Caliber Paintballs.

For markers that are not PAL optimised, the PAL is essentially a gravity fed loader that works a little bit better than a standard gravity fed loader. For markers that are PAL optimised, the PAL will use air from the marker to agitate paintballs into the feed neck. This helps to solve the long standing problem with gravity fed hoppers that requires players to shake the loader so paintballs can feed into the feed neck of the gun. The PAL will keep a steady stream of paint coming into your gun and requires absolutely no batteries! Order your Planet Eclipse PAL paintball loader today from

Combine the incredible PAL enabled Eclipse EMEK paintball marker with the revolutionary Eclipse PAL loader and enjoy exceptional levels of performance without the need for batteries and expensive force-fed loader systems.

  • No Batteries Required!
  • Tough GRN Shell
  • Hi-Cap and Lo-Cap Sizes Available
  • Both Sizes Feed 50cal and 68cal Paintballs
  • Flexible Locking Lid
  • Increased Fire and Feed Rates (with PAL Enabled Marker)
  • Reduces Ball Jams