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Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 - Silver / Purple CS

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The Eclipse Ego LV2. It’s what you’ve been waiting for and then some!

The latest evolution of one of the most iconic and enduring marker designs in paintball history The EGO can easily be called an era-defining marker, not just for Planet Eclipse, but for all of paintball. The Ego itself debuted in 2005, it redefined the standards of performance and reliability that became the benchmark for all others to be measured against and still are to this day!

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 pushes that concept of improvement with an all new body that provides increased internal volume as well as a new Cure FT bolt. The newly designed bolt generates even lower operating pressures (approx 115psi) which results in a quieter and softer shot than ever before. Without hesitation, the LV2 is easily the best shooting stacked tube marker of all time.

For years Ego fans have had a hoseless construction at the top of their ‘must-have’ list. With the release of the Eclipse LV2, that box has been checked! But there is so much more to admire. The new HPR and LPR package not only look and perform differently, but it also markedly improves the stability of the LV2. Designed with a toolless wraparound grip and a sizeable thumb gap between the foregrip and trigger guard, it feels amazing to hold. It also gives players more maneuverability in the hand, making stance switches effortless. The grips also allow quick and easy access to some important features such as the battery, optional BLE capability, OLED display and brand new MME electronics package with USB. Also included in the new Eclipse LV2 are the adjustable flow controls in the user-serviceable solenoid and of course the new toolless eye covers.

Planet Eclipse are known to have markers the just work! You expect and receive impeccable performance and reliability. Each Eclipse LV2 is set up in factory to come out of the box ready to compete. Set your velocity and go, simple as that. Now, for those that like to tinker, the LV2 has the ability to be tuned and adjusted as you see fit. There are so many options to tune the efficiency and feel with HPR, LPR, Dwell, forward and rearward rammer speed control, and even optional rammer weights (included), it is guaranteed to give you the experience you desire!

This Planet Eclipse LV2 is a color swap (CS), Lead times for this color way vary as it requires 2 separate markers to complete it. Please account for additional wait times when preordering this marker.