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HK Army Alpha Air Tank - 48ci (BOTTLE ONLY)

by HK Army
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HK Army is back at it again, this time with an air system that will change the game as we know it. HK Army Alpha Air, these new bottles are the lightest and smallest you're going to be able to find! Boasting massive weight reduction and size reduction compared to other bottles, the Alpha Air tank is going to be the only air system you need for your paintball or airsoft setup! 


The HK Army Alpha Air Bottles, setting a new standard for lightweight performance in the paintball and airsoft industry. Engineered to be the lightest carbon fiber wrapped bottles ever released by HK Army, these tanks redefine weight and size without compromising on capacity.

With a compact design that is smaller than other comparable tanks on the market, our Alpha Air bottles maximize air storage without the need for oversized bottles. This innovative sizing ensures you can carry more air while maintaining agility and maneuverability on the field.

Built to meet strict regulatory standards, our air bottles adhere to DOT/TC-UN(ISO11119-2) regulations, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Each bottle undergoes rigorous inspection and approval by an Independent Inspection Agency, providing peace of mind for every user.

Certified for use in three regions/countries and manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, our Alpha Air bottles offer unmatched versatility for both paintball and airsoft enthusiasts worldwide. Dominate the field with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the finest in lightweight air tank technology from HK Army.


  • Lightest air bottles ever released by HK Army
  • 4500psi air input capacity
  • Smaller size compared to other tanks on the market
  • Painted carbon fiber wrapped bottle with printed graphics
  • 5 year hydro
  • Increased air storage capacity without the need for oversized bottles
  • Built to DOT/TC-UN(ISO11119-2) regulations for safety and reliability
  • Inspected and approved by an Independent Inspection Agency
  • Certified for use in three regions/countries (USA, Europe, Canada)
  • Manufactured according to ISO standards for global compatibility
  • Suitable for both paintball and airsoft use worldwide

48ci Size Specs: (Bottle Only)

  • 4500psi air input capacity
  • Diameter 4.4in / 112mm
  • Length 6.6in / 167mm
  • Weight 1lb 8.5oz / 0.7kgs
Color: Shadow Black/White