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GOG Freak Jr XL 14" Barrel - Autococker Threaded

by GOG
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The original Freak system quickly grew into the most widely used and highly respected interchangeable bore barrel ever made. A three-piece barrel system allowed for boring paint easily, giving you the best possible accuracy, consistency, and performance.  

The new Freak XL builds on that legendary performance, combining user feedback with extensive research to deliver the next step in the Freak system with a longer control bore. In a controlled test environment, the Freak XL showcased an average velocity increase of 6 feet per second over its predecessor. This allowed players to reduce the amount of pressure needed in their marker to achieve desired velocity, all because of this longer control bore.

Previous versions of the Freak XL barrel system were widely used, and player feedback led to this newest iteration of the Freak XL. A new barrel back with zero massive cuts, and a barrel front to match leads to easier cleaning. Instead of taking your entire barrel system apart for deep cleaning, you can easily run your hand or a microfiber over the entire barrel to wipe off paint, dirt or debris.


  • Barrel front
  • Barrel back
  • .688 or .689 XL Insert
  • Packed conveniently in a pod!


  • Takes Freak XL inserts
  • Rubber grip for easy disassembly
  • Easy to clean - just wipe off all dirt and rub in one go
  • Foam insert that holds one XL insert, barrel back, and barrel front
Color: Dust Black